Fire Roll Call Systems

Fire Roll Call Systems are getting more and more popular within the workplace. Even though fire roll call is not yet a health and safety requirement officially many companies choose them to keep their employee’s safe and secure. In the event of a fire or drill the roll call system will automatically and very promptly tell you who is in and out of a building at any given time. Employees clock on and off the fire register using proximity keyfobs that sit nicely on a set of car keys.

The roll call fire register instantly prints out in departmental order which can be quickly reviewed at the fire assembly point.


Access Control Integrateable

Employees can use the same proximity card or keyfob to gain access to a building or premises. When each employee accesses into a building the intelligent roll call system also adds the individual onto the fire register. Depending on which door is accessed can also be useful for software users which provides them with information such as which area each employee is on the premises.


Time and Attendance Integratable

Again using the same clocking media employor’s can also use for time recording. Using the same clocking systems users record employee’s holiday entitlements, sickness and lateness reports for example.

High Speed Thermal Fire Printer

A high speed thermal Fire printer could be connected directly to the Fire registering clocking terminals to quickly spool a list of employees present in fire assembly point order. With a push of a button this will print off a fire roll call of who is IN and OUT of the building.

The fire roll call printer is reliable as it does not rely on a PC or network to print. However, it is also possible to spool the fire printout to a PC printer on the network.




ID Plastic Card Printing Services

In the modern times companies do not have the time to print their own ID cards or membership cards. Rushton Electronic Solutions Ltd can print them for you, with their 24 hour service no matter how big or small the job is. With single sided id printers or dual sided the team can cater for anyone. The ordering system is quick, from harvesting for the photo id card to printing the full colour id cards.

With technology capabilities there is always the option of companies printing their own plastic cards such as membership cards for gymnasiums, access cards for security or photo ID for services such as hospitals or schools.



Advantages of having a Clocking In System Installed

Clocking In System

Save valuable time on your payroll

Think of the amount of time spent on payroll every month or year, these durations can be cut dramatically with a clocking system.

Save on your employee costs

Businesses lose thousands of pounds per year on employee costs alone, a way to prevent losing these costs is to have a time and attendance system installed to keep an exact log of your employees.

Quick and easy to use hardware and software

Time and attendance software is different to HR software in that it is very easy to use from editing clockings to adding employees holidays, absences and storing employee contact details.

Integrated Systems

Access control systems can be fully integrated along with Fire Roll Call capabilities and Visitor Registration modules. Timenet time and attendance software also includes working time directive monitoring. With three main types of clocking media proximity fobs, swipe cards and biometric fingerprint clocking these can also be used for photo ID, identification for security and tailgating purposes.

Employees can clock anywhere

Mobile clocking features enable employees to clock in and out anywhere. Whether you have employees that work from home or delivery drivers starting their work shift away from the depot no information will be lost.



How to Improve your Business Safety and Security

Workplace security is an important part of any business and refers to your company’s specific policies and practices for dealing with unwanted or unexpected situations. This could include unauthorised entry or theft or the breakout of fire. Improving the security of your business can be one way of further boosting creativity and production.


Clocking in machines

Your employees should all be regularly trained in safety and security measures relating to your industry. They should be scheduled as often as necessary and should enable the workforce to understand all procedures in place for reporting workplace hazards. This all falls under the workplace safety umbrella and would also include the safe operation of fire extinguishers and locations of fire exits.


Fit Access Control

Access control systems give you further protection against unauthorised personnel. Whether it’s a gate onto the premises which requires a card-swipe or a barrier in the car park which requires a fingerprint, these types of access control system are designed to keep your premises safe from intruders.

Camera Technology
These types of control can also be fitted on particularly high risk areas of the building’s interior too such as laboratories or storage rooms with large amounts of stock. Access control systems can be very simple or very complex depending on the needs of the user. Small companies can use their system to simply lock away sensitive items and therefore only one or two swipe cards or fingerprints need to be recorded whilst larger businesses can choose to have a much larger system, even on entry to the office and therefore the database will need to be able to incorporate the details of all employees. Both examples and plenty more are more than manageable and there are systems which can be designed to fit every business.

CCTV has become an expected feature of most our high streets now and there is no reason a system can’t be fitted to your business. This means that any untoward behaviour will be caught on camera and provides the police with evidence should they so need it. CCTV camera systems can be fitted inside and out to get a full picture of the unauthorised people in the area. These can be fully integrated with many systems such as clocking in machines.

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The Benefits of Measuring Punctuality and Attendance

Your business will develop and flourish more effectively if you’re got an interested and active workforce. Two key indicators of your workforce’s morale and interest in their jobs is their eagerness to put in extra time. Punctuality and attendance are key variables in understanding your employees and time and attendance systems are designed to ensure you can track your employees in both areas.

PunctualityTime and Attendance Systems

Punctuality is about more than turning up on time. It’s about ensuring all work is completed within allotted time slots and it’s about respecting the company that you work for. Punctuality is relevant to both the time you arrive at work and keeping to the deadlines that are set.

A time and attendance system can’t monitor deadlines, that’s down to your employees, but it can keep tabs on the times people are arriving for their shifts and build up a picture of employees who are regularly late so they can be dealt with. Conversely you’ll also get a clear picture of your industrious staff who often turn up early and could consider responding to this positively.


Employees who always turn up for every shift gain respect and they become known as reliable, which leads to management trusting them with more important job roles. Employees who are regularly calling in sick or have excuses for not arriving on shift cannot be considered reliable.

Time and attendance systems give employers a true picture of which of the staff are on shift as they’re supposed to be each day. Employers can trust the system as it leaves no room for manipulation or fraudulent working hours being recorded. What you see is what you get and employees who aren’t working the hours that they’re supposed to will have to live with the consequences of that.

Save Time and Money

Utilising a quality clocking in system saves employers the time of looking through time sheets which could easily be fraudulent and manually checking the whereabouts of employees. Everything is logged digitally and therefore everything can be monitored and checked with the highest reliability. Anything that goes awry can be dealt with swiftly and the company as a whole can work along more efficient lines.



Access Control Systems have more uses than just Security

In today’s financial climate businesses nationwide and worldwide are always looking to cut back on all types of business overheads. Access control systems are certainly not one of them. With budgets in mind access companies are always striving to supply top quality products at the low prices. Technologies such as proximity read using proximity fobs or triple technology mifare cards, to biometric fingerprint readers. These media’s are very versatile and can be used for many types of scenarios such as door access control and speed lanes to turnstiles and car park barriers.

The Importance of Door Entry Systems

Most businesses today will have some sort of door entry system, some more sophisticated than others. In fact today’s access systems have a wide range of features from visitor registration modules to fire roll call mustering. Users can find out exactly where and when employee’s have accessed a building or area using access control software.

Full Integration with Time and Attendance Systems

Fully Integrated with time systems also known as clocking in systems shows how professional these systems are in that employees can clock on at the exact same time as entering their place of work which provides accurate clocking in and out times. This will also add them to the fire register.

Access Safely with Fire Roll Call Systems

Another feature is the integrated fire roll call system. In the event of a fire evacuation a fire roll call printout will be instantly printed providing who is present and absent from the register. These can even be sorted alphabetically and departmentally to the users needs. Packages can be completely customised to a company’s needs which will provide a complete access control solution. More often than not fire roll call can be done with a piece of paper employees name’s listed. For larger organisations this is not always possible. Therefore companies are starting to use modern electronic features integrated into their time and attendance systems.





Companies around the world rely upon time and attendance systems also known as clocking systems or clocking in machines to keep accurate records of staff attendance. These systems are used to monitor workplace attendance, usually by staff members clocking in and out. This leads to their working hours being reported accurately and ensuring that correct payments are made.

Time attendance systems have evolved over recent years, with advancements in technology such as proximity read with photo ID badges leading to more streamlined systems in which data can be used for a variety of purposes.

Clocking systems leave no room for manipulation

Modern time systems diminish the possibility of fraud taking place. Whilst in the past it was somewhat easier for staff to manipulate systems by asking fellow employees to clock in and out on their behalf, or entering inaccurate working hours onto timesheets, this is now much more difficult a prospect.

How attendance systems can save you money

Hours can even be checked rigorously by cross-referencing information with video footage for instance. Reports can be produced by using time and attendance software, making it easier for employers to assess budgets and where cuts can be made or where new openings can be made possible. The fact that reports can be generated in a matter of seconds can also save time as opposed to information being curated manually; freeing up staff to focus on other duties.

Say goodbye to disputes

To further reduce the possibility of fraudulent working hours being reported, companies can even invest in biometric systems that can read fingerprints. This makes it impossible for workers to clock in and out on behalf of their colleagues. Swipe cards and key fobs are also used within many workplaces to track time and attendance. Employees can also clock anywhere with mobile clocking.

These systems can also be used to track holiday pay and leave entitlement, providing a highly accurate staff monitoring report and ensuring that disputes about hours and perks are kept to a minimum. The systems are also fully integratable with access control systems.





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    - Over 40 years of experience, established 1971.

    - UK manufactured and supported core products

    - Commitment to product quality and service quality

    - High development rate, low hardware redundancy

    - Long term staff retention

    - Human answering of all enquires.

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