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Mobile Clocking Systems

Do you have employees who work from home?

Do you have drivers or engineers who are mostly based out on the road?

Been to a sales meeting, going straight home, but need to clock out?

Employees who are unable to physically register at a clocking terminal can use either a PC application, web browser or smart phone to record their start and finish times.

TimenetWeb can either record clockings directly to your Timenet terminal or our web servers.

The “remote” times recorded are then collected by the Timenet software to be reported in the same way as clockings recorded via a terminal. A fingerprint reader can also be connected to the PC version if biometric verification is required.


Feature Focus

– Time & Attendance Clocking from any networked PC

– Employee identified by Windows ID or unique login

– Home workers can clock using home PCs

– Optional automatic clocking when employee’s PC is started or shut down

– Clock quickly and easily via a Smart Phone

– Use Smart Phone GPS positioning to report where the employee clocked using google maps

– Employee Holiday Booking option. Request holidays while offsite

– Reports accessible from the browser window or Timenet software

– Fingerprint verification using reader attached to PC if required

– Reports showing location of all PC clockings


How it all works:

The Timenet terminal and/or webserver holds a complete set of your data and uses realtime software to constantly monitor your data, and process clockings that it receives from the web browser, smart phone or PC application.

To make changes to your settings, add employees etc, the Timenet software is installed. This software sets up a copy of your data on your computer (or on your server) and keeps that data synchronised with the web version.  It also allows you to make changes to general setup, HR information, shift patterns and departments etc. This means that you can always look at and change your data even if the web is disconnected. It also means you have a copy of your data which you can backup and maintain.

If the data is stored on a networked drive, Timenet software can be run on any number of PC’s simultaneously to share the data collected for reporting by the various departments it is required by.

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