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Access Control Software Systems


With our Access Control & Door Entry Systems suite of products we encapsulate all requirements from one supplier and one piece of media be it RFID Contactless Proximity Cards, Key Fobs, Tags, Fingerprint or Bluetooth Smart Phone for example.

Doors, Lifts, Gates, Barriers, Turnstiles and Speed Lanes can be controlled with varying levels and times of access using an access control system rich in features and options.

We supply, install and support access control systems including project design, engineering works, installation of all hardware and software, programming, training and full hand over to the client with ongoing maintenance and support.

From a single door to a nationwide system, we have the security package to suit, incorporating full integration with our Time & Attendance systems where the complete solution is required.

One Company – One Solution


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  • Ability to lock, control and monitor all doors, gates, car park barriers, lifts, turnstiles, speed lanes and rapid warehouse doors.
  • Access granted via RFID Contactless Proximity Cards, ID Badges, Key Fobs, Tags, Mobile Devices such as Smartphones (Bluetooth) and Biometric Fingerprint readers.
  • Traditional hard-wired card reader and lock control solutions to battery powered wireless on-line locksets and wire free off-line solutions.
  • Access control readers include those from HID and STid to name a few,  incorporating 13.56MHz, 125kHz, Hybrid, Bluetooth and UHF long range frequency readers.
  • Customised and secure formatting including Mifare Desfire, Mifare Classic, iClass etc. Multi-technology formats available, ready for Secure Printing, Cashless Vending and Logical Access (PC Security) etc.
  • Fully configurable access levels and zones.
  • Report and monitor access events and employee IN/OUT status.
  • Real-time events and alarm monitoring (auto emailed alerts such as breakglass pushed, door left ajar etc).
  • Occupancy reporting and control.
  • Multi-site capability and global architecture.
  • Multi-user software and password management.
  • Powerful fully intelligent IP networked door controllers.
  • Totally weatherproof rated products and vandal proof to customer requirements.
  • IP Audio & Video Intercom Integration.
  • Visitor Management.
  • Automatic Fire Roll Call listing printout and Mobile Mustering.
  • Lockdown Action Triggers and Alert/Threat level management.
  • Integrated Photo ID badge design and printing.
  • Time & Attendance, HR, CCTV and Intruder Alarm System Integration.
  • DDA Compliance.
  • Virtual Control Room software.
  • Guard tour processing.
  • LCD Message display readers.
  • Asset tagging monitoring removal of valuable items.
  • Email authorisation to award access into an area.
  • Lone worker monitoring.

Product in Detail

In today’s demanding and competitive security systems marketplace, the PLAN product range takes its place as a high-end product suited to the ‘large scale’ enterprise-wide needs of leading companies across all commercial sectors.
Due to its integrity and resilience, the system has been implemented in a wide range of applications and is appropriate for any application where an organisation has one or a number of mission critical facilities to secure.
  • 1, 2, 4, 8 and 12 door distributed intelligent door controllers
  • Support for multiple reader technologies
  • Embedded direct TCP/IP panel communications
  • Hybrid controller for wired and wireless doors
  • Compatible with offline ‘data on card’ battery powered locking devices
  • Remote site panel communications via Internet
  • Real-time events and extensive transaction analysis
  • Supervised alarm inputs monitoring
  • Multi-user networked administration
  • Lockdown Scenario Triggers and Alert/Threat level management tools
  • Integrated Photo-ID Badging
  • Virtual Control Room graphical alarm display
  • Touch-screen control
  • Real-time Guard-tour processing
  • Visitor registration and badging
  • Asset tagging and surveillance facility
  • Multi-site/Multi-tenant administration
  • Personnel tracking facility
  • HR personnel record/database linking
  • Fire Roll Call listing (inc. Automatic Printing) and Mobile Mustering
  • Lone worker monitoring
  • Remote locking control
  • Auditable password protection for software features
  • Email authorisation for SOX-FCA compliance
  • Card issue (activation) and expiry dates
  • Holiday profiles
  • Comprehensive and detailed Reports
  • Anti-pass back (Soft, Timed, “True” and ‘Global’)
  • Built in interlocking for multi-door controllers
  • PIN and Pass-back immunity for VIP’s
  • Self-service PIN change option
  • Duress PIN Code alarm
  • LCD message display module with local menu options
  • Dynamic zone management population counter
  • Dual access minimum occupancy enforcement
  • Supervised alarm inputs monitoring
  • Disability DDA and VIP features
  • Phone and VOIP integration
  • Active directory integration for password authentication and data link
  • Create door groups using graphical maps
  • Web-client interface option
  • Comprehensive lift control interface for landing call and in car destination selection
  • Third-party intruder Alarm integration
  • Live and archived CCTV DVR integration
  • Extended lock delay for selected staff



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