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Fire Roll Call Systems

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Introducing the TIMENET Fire Roll Call System.

A fire roll call system designed to capture and report at the moment of emergency automatically, which employees are present onsite including visitors and contractors.










How does it work?

Staff would register themselves ON and OFF the fire register when entering and leaving the building or site.

The fire registering terminal is hardwired to your fire alarm so in the event of a fire or drill it quickly print out a list of who is present or absent on a high speed fire printer.

The fire report is also viewable from any device at the fire assembly area where staff can easily be accounted for using our interactive muster register.

All The Features

Instant automatic fire roll call printouts in assembly point order.

Designed for small to large organisations.

Single buildings to multiple attendance terminals in multiple buildings, onsite or remote.

Simple employee registration at Timenet attendance terminal via fob, card or fingerprint.

Automatically emailed Fire Roll Call Report to Smart Phones.

Timenet Muster App to account for employees and visitors at assembly point.

Easy to update Timenet software for employee database modifications.

Existing Access Control fobs and cards can be adopted where compatible.

Visitor registration module to record visitor and contractor presence via self service kiosk options.

Includes entry level attendance monitoring of times and absence if activated

The Timenet system can also facilitate superior:-


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Self Installed & Fully Installed Packages

From self installed packages to fully installed and commissioned systems, including programming and training.

Robust but aesthetic attendance terminal for fire registration, suitable for the shop floor and office.

On arrival to site, employees register their presence via the Timenet attendance terminal presenting a fob, card or fingerprint, thus recording their status as IN on the fire roll call. Visitors and contractors can record their attendance via the same method if regular, manual recording via the Timenet software, or by entering their details via the self service visitor registration module.

Automatic & Instant Roll Call

The fire roll call report is triggered via either a connection from your fire alarm system and/or trigger button located at one of the emergency exits. The fire roll call is typically printed on a reliable high speed thermal printer connected to the Timenet attendance terminal, producing a list of employees present in fire assembly order. The receipt type printout is quickly collected en-route to the assembly point area. At the same time the fire alarm is sounded, the report is also emailed instantly to your fire marshalls smart phones.

Roll Call Quickly On Any Device

Once at the assembly point area, the fire marshalls can use both the printed and smart phone report to confirm all employees and visitors have left the building. The Timenet Muster App can also be preinstalled onto a smartphone or tablet, to quickly move employees over to the “accounted for” display as the fire roll call is completed by the fire marshalls.

The Timenet fire roll call system is logical to operate, reliable, accurate and quick, key points during an emergency scenario where every second counts and valuable safety information for the client and emergency services alike.                                                                                                                                                                           

Product in Detail

Manufactured, supplied and installed by us here in the UK.  Self install packages available.

  • Intelligent standalone attendance terminals with proximity and/or fingerprint reader.
  • Simple one action employee registration operation via fob, card or fingerprint.
  • Multiple terminal and remote site systems over LAN, broadband and corporate networks.
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Roll Call printout via high speed thermal printer.
  • Auto emailing of fire report to fire marshalls smart phones.
  • Timenet Muster App to account for employees and visitors at fire assembly point.
  • Visitor Registration Module available, using tablet or touch screen for self registration.
  • Duty leave function at the attendance terminal, record leaving site on business.
  • Real-time “Attendance Display Panel” showing who is IN or OUT, replacing the traditional slide board.
  • Comprehensive Timenet software with reporting and entry level attendance monitoring if required.
  • Store employee photographs and use for ID badge production.
  • Network client software with multi-level password protection.
  • Terminal time updated via internal or external NTP source.
  • Easy rotation of fobs and badges between leavers and new starters.
  • Unique attendance terminal employee messaging facility when employee presents fob or card.
  • Auto data backup utility.
  • Battery backed attendance terminal operation.





Timenet Software

GDPR compliant Windows software compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Communications between Timenet terminal and Timenet software is encrypted and secure. (Check and insert detail from DMW)


Timenet Terminal

  • Stylish modern white terminal
  • Robust locked metal construction
  • 40×2 character LCD display
  • 45 key alphanumeric keypad
  • Ethernet IP.communication with Timenet software over LAN, ADSL (broadband relay service) and WAN (VPN).
  • Standard internal Proximity and Fingerprint reader options. External readers can also be utilised to match clients existing media including:-   HID iClass, HID Prox, Mifare Classic, Mifare Desfire, Paxton and many other card and reader formats
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) option
  • 2 switch inputs (inc Fire Alarm Input) and 2 relay outputs (inc Works Signals)
  • USB Fire Printer Output
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • NTP Time Server settings
  • Operational and Data Storage Battery Backup. Auto reset on restore.



  • Dimensions 280mm (w) x 160mm (h) x 72mm (d)
  • Weight 2350g (with battery backup).
  • Power Supply 12v DC   Environment
  • Temperature 0°C – 40°C
  • Humidity 15%-90% Non-Condensing

Timenet Fire Printer

  • High Speed Thermal printer
  • Fast Print Speed up to 230mm/s
  • Simple and quick paper loading
  • Dedicated USB connection to Timenet terminal
  • Prints to 80mm wide paper rolls



  • Dimensions 155.5mm (w) x 160mm (h) x 203mm (d)
  • Approx Weight 2kg
  • 240v AC 50-60Hz   Environment
  • Temperature 5°C – 45°C
  • Humidity 20%-90% Non-Condensing

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       Full remote software installation                           12 month's hardware warranty

        Remote hardware & software training                 First 3 month's remote software support

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