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The Benefits of Time & Attendance Systems

5th Aug 2019

Companies around the world rely upon time and attendance systems also known as clocking systems or clocking in machines to keep accurate records of staff attendance. These systems are used to monitor workplace attendance, usually by staff members clocking in and out. This leads to their working hours being reported accurately and ensuring that correct payments are made.

Time attendance systems have evolved over recent years, with advancements in technology such as proximity read with photo ID badges leading to more streamlined systems in which data can be used for a variety of purposes.

Clocking systems leave no room for manipulation

Modern time systems diminish the possibility of fraud taking place. Whilst in the past it was somewhat easier for staff to manipulate systems by asking fellow employees to clock in and out on their behalf, or entering inaccurate working hours onto timesheets, this is now much more difficult a prospect.

How attendance systems can save you money

Hours can even be checked rigorously by cross-referencing information with video footage for instance. Reports can be produced by using time and attendance software, making it easier for employers to assess budgets and where cuts can be made or where new openings can be made possible. The fact that reports can be generated in a matter of seconds can also save time as opposed to information being curated manually; freeing up staff to focus on other duties.

Say goodbye to disputes

To further reduce the possibility of fraudulent working hours being reported, companies can even invest in biometric systems that can read fingerprints. This makes it impossible for workers to clock in and out on behalf of their colleagues. Swipe cards and key fobs are also used within many workplaces to track time and attendance. Employees can also clock anywhere with mobile clocking.

These systems can also be used to track holiday pay and leave entitlement, providing a highly accurate staff monitoring report and ensuring that disputes about hours and perks are kept to a minimum. The systems are also fully integratable with access control systems.

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