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Fire Roll Call Systems

5th Aug 2019

Fire Roll Call Systems are getting more and more popular within the workplace. Even though fire roll call is not yet a health and safety requirement officially many companies choose them to keep their employee’s safe and secure. In the event of a fire or drill the roll call system will automatically and very promptly tell you who is in and out of a building at any given time. Employees clock on and off the fire register using proximity key-fobs that sit nicely on a set of car keys.

The roll call fire register instantly prints out in departmental order which can be quickly reviewed at the fire assembly point.

Access Control Integratable

Employees can use the same proximity card or key-fob to gain access to a building or premises. When each employee accesses into a building the intelligent roll call system also adds the individual onto the fire register. Depending on which door is accessed can also be useful for software users which provides them with information such as which area each employee is on the premises.

Time and Attendance Integratable

Again using the same clocking media employer’s can also use for time recording. Using the same clocking systems users record employee’s holiday entitlements, sickness and lateness reports for example.

High Speed Thermal Fire Printer

A high speed thermal Fire printer could be connected directly to the Fire registering clocking terminals to quickly spool a list of employees present in fire assembly point order. With a push of a button this will print off a fire roll call of who is IN and OUT of the building.

The fire roll call printer is reliable as it does not rely on a PC or network to print. However, it is also possible to spool the fire printout to a PC printer on the network.

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