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Advantages of having a Clocking In System Installed

5th Aug 2019

Save valuable time on your payroll

Think of the amount of time spent on payroll every month or year, these durations can be cut dramatically with a clocking system.

Save on your employee costs

Businesses lose thousands of pounds per year on employee costs alone, a way to prevent losing these costs is to have a time and attendance system installed to keep an exact log of your employees.

Quick and easy to use hardware and software

Time and attendance software is different to HR software in that it is very easy to use from editing clockings to adding employees holidays, absences and storing employee contact details.

Integrated Systems

Access control systems can be fully integrated along with Fire Roll Call capabilities and Visitor Registration modules. Timenet time and attendance software also includes working time directive monitoring. With three main types of clocking media proximity fobs, swipe cards and biometric fingerprint clocking these can also be used for photo ID, identification for security and tailgating purposes.

Employees can clock anywhere

Mobile clocking features enable employees to clock in and out anywhere. Whether you have employees that work from home or delivery drivers starting their work shift away from the depot no information will be lost.

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