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The Benefits of Measuring Punctuality and Attendance

5th Aug 2019

Your business will develop and flourish more effectively if you’re got an interested and active workforce. Two key indicators of your workforce’s morale and interest in their jobs is their eagerness to put in extra time. Punctuality and attendance are key variables in understanding your employees and time and attendance systems are designed to ensure you can track your employees in both areas.


Punctuality is about more than turning up on time. It’s about ensuring all work is completed within allotted time slots and it’s about respecting the company that you work for. Punctuality is relevant to both the time you arrive at work and keeping to the deadlines that are set.

A time and attendance system can’t monitor deadlines, that’s down to your employees, but it can keep tabs on the times people are arriving for their shifts and build up a picture of employees who are regularly late so they can be dealt with. Conversely you’ll also get a clear picture of your industrious staff who often turn up early and could consider responding to this positively.


Employees who always turn up for every shift gain respect and they become known as reliable, which leads to management trusting them with more important job roles. Employees who are regularly calling in sick or have excuses for not arriving on shift cannot be considered reliable.

Time and attendance systems give employers a true picture of which of the staff are on shift as they’re supposed to be each day. Employers can trust the system as it leaves no room for manipulation or fraudulent working hours being recorded. What you see is what you get and employees who aren’t working the hours that they’re supposed to will have to live with the consequences of that.

Save Time and Money

Utilising a quality clocking in system saves employers the time of looking through time sheets which could easily be fraudulent and manually checking the whereabouts of employees. Everything is logged digitally and therefore everything can be monitored and checked with the highest reliability. Anything that goes awry can be dealt with swiftly and the company as a whole can work along more efficient lines.

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