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    As our name implies we offer the “complete solution” to the supply and integration of the following requirements:-

    Clocking IN Systems   Door Entry Systems  |  ID Card Printing   ID Accessories

    Visitor Registration | Fire Roll Call | Card Holders | Clock Cards/Ribbons

    …. from the car park barrier as you drive into work, to the front door access, the time recorder to log your time of arrival and your inclusion on the fire roll call printout.

    Time and Attendance

    From small business to the large organisations, from time recorders using clock cards to the fully integrated clocking in machines with Timenet software using contactless proximity badges, fobs, swipe cards and biometric fingerprint terminals. Self install and fully installed clocking systems also known as clocking in systems, visitor registration, fire roll call systems, complete time recorder packages, Clock Cards, Ink ribbons, time card rackstime and date job costers, all your time recording requirements in one place.


    Access Control

    Door entry systems controlling doors, barriers, turnstiles, speed lanes, gates and liftscard readers, locks, door magnets, breakglasses, exit buttons and everything to do with a door access system. From a single door to a complex multisite system, we have the technology to meet your requirements. Integrate with the time and attendance systems, visitor management software, all using the same badge or fob.


    ID Card Printing

    Everything you need to print your own Full colour Photo ID Badges or we can do them for you with our In-House ID Card Printing Services. From ID Card Printers, card printing software, card printer ribbons and Professional Photo Sessions


     Badges & Accessories

    Suppliers of contactless proximity badges, fobs, tagssmart cards and Swipe Cards of various manufacture and formats. Great selection of lanyards, badge holders, badge reelsbadge clips, badge racks and all other badge accessories.



    - Over 40 years of experience, established 1971.

    - UK manufactured and supported core products

    - Commitment to product quality and service quality

    - High development rate, low hardware redundancy

    - Long term staff retention

    - Human answering of all enquires.

    - HID Advantage Channel Partner

    - Excellent hardware and software support

    - Nationwide coverage