Visitor Management – Timenet

Integrated within the Timenet system is the Visitor Management module, supporting visitor registration either at a manned reception or self registration via PC, touch screen terminal or tablet.

Registration also includes the visitors on the fire roll call printout in case of an evacuation. The visitor is removed from the fire roll call when they sign out on the system or log out at an exit door.

Health and safety requires the logging in and out of visitors and contractors and the Timenet visitor management system enables this with speed and ease.

Once the visitor is logged in on the system a personalised photo ID pass can be printed and if required a door entry badge to grant visitor access to the areas permitted.

The system can also automatically send the host an email to inform them their visitor has arrived.

In addition to the fire roll call, reports can be run to examine contractor times and hours on site, vehicles on the premises and which areas the visitor has accessed within the premises.



Feature Focus

♦ Visitor management at a manned reception or via self registration
♦ Registration at a PC, touch screen terminal or tablet (no mouse or keyboard needed)
♦ Faster and more professional registration of visitors instead of paper based system
♦ Visitors and contractors included on the fire roll call printout
♦ Customisable welcome and registration screens including fields such as visitor name, visitor company, car registration, visitor host, your company logo, health & safety rules and image capture
♦ Capture visitor photo for security record or photo ID pass
♦ Customisable ID pass printed with Health & Safety rules and fire evacuation procedures
♦ Assign an access control badge to permit door entry and exit
♦ Accurate recording of visitor arrival, departure and door entry times
♦ Standard and bespoke visitor reporting


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