Visitor Management

Touch Screen visitor management self registration system with web based host pre-registration and integrated telephone based voice notification.


VisiPLAN Visitor self registration system is an integrated software option that can be deployed as an add on to an existing PLAN system.  The objective is to simplify the registration of visitors by providing a simple, automated self registration process.


Touch-screen software integrates the process of automated visitor badging with the function of the PLAN access control system.  As such, visitors who are logged ‘in’ using a touch screen terminal will appear on the roll call listing if an evacuation occurs during the period of their visit.

ID cards can be printed onto self-adhesive labels, PVC cards or special perforated cards all of which can incorporate photo-ID, safety and fire evacuation instructions.



A scrolling list of expected visitors can be displayed on the splash screen. Touching the screen starts the log-in procedure at which point an on screen form will be displayed to prompt the user to input their personal data, or, simply to select their name from a list of pre-registered visitors.  Free text entry is limited to the absolute minimum e.g. First Name, Surname and Company names.


Pre-registration can be carried out by reception staff, imported from the output of other systems (such as diary planners, room booking software etc) or usingthe Visireg ‘back-office’ application.  For ease of deployment a web server interface is available to allow any member of staff to pre-register their visitors.


The VisiPLAN system can be configured to inform the host of the arrival of their visitor either by email, or, by calling a direct line and playing a configurable message.  Rules can be employed to re-direct calls to a default telephone number if a call is not answered within a pre-defined number of rings.  Host acknowledgement of the call will prevent the system from leaving a message on the hosts voice mail system.


As part of the xPLAN suite of software applications, at all times, the software integrates seamlessly with the PLAN system cardholder database and Roll Call capability.


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