Virtual Control Room Software

Graphical Alarm Display & Integration Software


The PLAN Virtual Control Room software is an Award Winning* security management system that has the capacity to integrate Access Control, CCTV, Intercom, Paging & Alarm Monitoring systems into a common user interface.


Control of the Graphical alarm workstation (and therefore all connected subsystems) can be Touch Screen or Mouse driven.


The workstation can display detailed colour graphics images of the site – annotated with equipment Icons to indicate the current status of the actual equipment connected to the system.


‘Equipment Pads’ can also be created and then selected on the screen to allow the operator direct control of field equipment.  Activation of on screen icons will allow the operator to control external devices such as Door Overrides, CCTV Equipment and Intercoms.  In this manner a ‘Virtual’ security console can be created on screen, allowing intuitive control over remotely located equipment.


Zoom in and out icons will allow the operator to link to more detailed maps of different areas of the site.  Map display is automated e.g. specific alarms will cause specific maps to be displayed, however, it is also possible to select from a drop down menu list or ‘hot-link’ from an on screen ‘button’ to any map stored on the system.


The system enables the operator to create complex commands involving many separate elements of different security sub-systems and to attach these (using Drag and Drop) to inputs from the access control or other alarm input systems.  These commands will then be carried out automatically if that alarm is set.


* A PLAN Access Control System using Virtual Control Room software won “Integrated system of the year” at the 2008 Security Industry Excellence Awards.


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