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A superior time and attendance clocking in system specifically built for any business small businesses to large multi-site corporations.Clocking Systems


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♦ Manufactured and supported in the UK
♦ Time and Attendance recording for the shop floor or office environment
♦ Intelligent standalone clocking terminals with integrated proximity, fingerprint or swipe card reader
♦ Simple one action clocking operation

♦ Unlimited daily clockings including business leave and smoke breaks
♦ Web clocking agile working facility. Employees can clock from any networked PC, browser or smart phone at home or in the field
♦ Multiple terminal and remote site systems overLANand global networks
♦ Comprehensive Timenet software 
♦ Fixed, flexitime, rotating or continental shifts with working time regulations
♦ Extensive reporting with additional user writable report facilities

♦ Scheduled auto emailing of reports
♦ Payroll software, spreadsheet and database integration (Sage Payroll, SQL etc)

♦ Integrated access control terminals with reporting of all door events
♦ Access zoning controlling door security, time and method of entry
♦ Door exit and door open switch inputs
♦ Automatic Fire Alarm Roll Call printing

♦ Absence planning and holiday/sickness entitlement tables
♦ Full editing facility of clockings, hours and absence reasons
♦ Customer definable absence reasons and free text comments
♦ Annual planner for absence bookings and shift rotations 
♦ Report lateness, absence, overtime and coretime infringements in one report
♦ Book holidays via the clocking terminal or software browser
♦ Visitor registration and monitoring
♦ Real-time “ADP” attendance display panel showing employee attendance on PC screen
♦ Sound works signals and bells for shift times, breaks and lunches
♦ Build your own integrated HR database
♦ Capture employee photographs for full colour ID badge production
♦ Network client software with multi-level password protection and audit trails
♦ Terminal time updated via internal or external NTP source
♦ Optional display of employee hours and flextime balance at the terminal
♦ CCTV photo capture at moment of clocking 
♦ Departmental cost centre analysis
♦ Employee self reporting software
♦ Easy rotation of badges between leavers and new starters
♦ Unique terminal employee messaging facility
♦ Hours and/or clockings can be displayed in decimal format if required
♦ Auto data backup utility
♦ Batterybacked operation



♦ Stylish modern white terminal
♦ Robust locked metal construction
♦ 40×2 character LCD display
♦ 45 key alphanumeric keypad
♦ Ethernet connection to PC softwareTCP/IP.USBconnection also available
Proximity, magnetic swipe card and fingerprint reader options (barcode reader available)
HID iClass, HID Prox, Mifare, Mifare Desfire, Paxton and many other card formats and readers compatible.
♦ PoE Power over Ethernet module option
♦ Addition of extra slave terminals connected via Ethernet or RS485
♦ RS485 network slave connection for wiring up to 1km apart
♦ 2 switch inputs (inc Fire Alarm Input) and 2 relay outputs (inc Works Signals)
♦ RS232 Fire Printer Output
♦ Batterybacked operation for up to 2 hours (expandable)
♦ Dimensions 280mm (w) x 160mm (h) x 72mm (d)
♦ Weight 2250g
♦ Power Supply 12v DC 500mA
♦ Temperature 0°C – 40°C
♦ Humidity 15%-90% Non-Condensing



♦ Windows XP,Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server, 32 and 64bitCan also be run in a Citrix environment.    



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Sample Reports

Herewith two sample Timenet Pay Reports (Standard & Flexitime) produced by the Timenet Software package. The reports are in effect a “clock card” or “attendance record”, but the hours are calculated automatically according to your shift patterns.
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Reporting Features

♦ Select any date range to view, file and print Clocking and Absence history.
♦ Generate reports via Employee, Departments, Shift Group or Company
SHIFT PATTERNS auto calculate hours worked into Basic and Overtime “Bands” and “Rates”
EMAIL REPORTS to supervisors and the employee manually from within the Timenet
    software or automatically by scheduled task
EXPORT REPORTS to payroll software, spreadsheet and third party databases/applications
SQL LINK to write data to SQL tables, MySQL, MSSQL etc
FIND function enables fast navigation up and down reports when searching data
COLOUR REPORTS highlight anomalies and infringements such as Not Clocked Out XX:XX
EDIT REPORTS and save with comments
CUSTOM REPORTS via the built in report generator created by you or ourselves
There are many reports included in the Timenet Software package.
♦ Clock Card and Attendance Reports displaying times clocked, hours worked and absence
♦ Flexitime Reports displaying flextime balances, credits, debits and carryovers
♦ Gross Pay Reports to approximate the gross pay over a selected period
♦ Totals Reports to summarise hours worked over a selected period
♦ Sage Payroll Output to export nett hours into Sage Payroll
♦ Departmental Reports to examine hours worked in assigned cost centres
♦ Overtime Reports to extract different rates worked over the basic day or week
♦ Working Time Directive Reports to compare hours against the standard legislation
♦ Bradford Factor Report to measure employee absenteeism
♦ HR Reports to print necessary human resource information and more
♦ Present and Absent Reports to monitor current workforce attendance
♦ Duty Reports to monitor time spent offsite on business
♦ Fire Report to automatically or manually print fire roll call and attendance
♦ Infringement Reports to monitor lateness, core times and absence
♦ Exceptions Reports to highlight any anomaly to the normal working day
♦ Future and Historical Absence Reports to analyse all types of absence
♦ Holiday Entitlement Reports to keep track of employee holidays remaining
♦ Audit Reports to monitor software user employee and system modifications
♦ Access Control Reports to monitor employee entry and exit and door events




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Timenet System Diagram







The Timenet system is the parent of the product group and is suitable for the small to large business, single site to multi site. The many features allow time management of employee attendance and absence, Fire Roll CallVisitor Management and web clocking to name a few. The Timenet clocking system is designed, programmed and installed ready to operate.



    - Over 40 years of experience, established 1971.

    - UK manufactured and supported core products

    - Commitment to product quality and service quality

    - High development rate, low hardware redundancy

    - Long term staff retention

    - Human answering of all enquires.

    - HID Advantage Channel Partner

    - Excellent hardware and software support

    - Nationwide coverage