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Fire Roll Call Systems


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Automatic Fire Roll Call Printout

Access control points with both an IN and OUT reader whether it be doors or barriers for example, can be programmed to record an employees present or absent status. The connection of the PLAN system to the fire alarm system then triggers an automatically printed fire evacuation list of employees present. The printout also displays the last event of each employee to help fire marshalls and the services quickly identify the last location of a missing employee.

The PLAN system can be programmed to group selected doors and entry points into a fire zone, so only employees who have entered a particular area, building or site are included in the report. Each fire zone can be programmed to spool the fire roll call list to a different printer, typically near to the local assembly point. This is particulary useful for multi-site systems or companies that have numerous assembly points in different places on the same site.

In addition to  reporting the presence and last known location of each employee in a fire or drill, one step further is for employees to swipe themselves off the fire roll call list as they reach the assembly point. This is possible via the PLAN mobile muster station, typically carried by the fire marshall.

PLAN System Mobile Muster Station

Tablet PC based roll-call mustering system with built-in card readers

Mobile Mustering Facility – the PLAN software features a number of more conventional mustering features including the option to automatically print a roll-call list based on an evacuate signal from the fire system.  Roll-call lists can also be emailed to off-site locations or printed in remote sites.

However, for sites where the muster point may be in one of a number of locations, or on another premises, the PLAN Mobile muster station can be deployed in seconds.

‘Built-in’ card readers allow rapid and accurate mustering of all staff, with a manual option available for staff who may have evacuated without their cards.

The progress of the roll-call is constantly indicated with the number of people yet to muster clearly displayed in large text.

For mustering large numbers of people, multiple stations can be deployed.  Each muster station is 100% independent of all others, and could run the evacuation independently, however, units will automatically synchronise when they are brought close together.  The system is tolerant of simple issues such as a user mustering at more than one terminal.  Apart from the initial configuration, this feature is seamless and does not require any operator intervention, nor does it interrupt the muster process.

When the number of staff yet to muster reaches a user defined threshold, the system will automatically present the operator with a more verbose list which includes names, card numbers and last known location.

Once the muster application has been started, the system is completely independent of any other part of the access control system (or other muster stations).  However, for sites where it may be desirable for the muster process to be connected to the ‘live’ system (should it remain functional), there is an option for the unit to display an additional running total which indicates the information fed from the host.



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