Fire Roll Call


Fire Roll Call can be fully integrated with both Time and Attendance and Access Control employee’s records.

High Speed Thermal Fire Printer

A high speed thermal printer is connected directly to the Timenet terminal to quickly spool a list of employees present in fire assembly point order. Normally the printer is installed close to the assembly point to be collected by the firemarshall.



The fire roll call system is reliable as it does not rely on a PC or network. However, it is also possible to spool the fire printout to a PC printer on the network.



What’s Included

♦ High speed thermal printer “prints within seconds”
♦ Easy to load paper rolls without jamming
♦ Prints employees present in fire assembly point order
♦ Manufactured and supported in the UK by us.
♦ Intelligent standalone clocking terminals with integrated proximity, fingerprint or swipe card reader
♦ Simple one action clocking operation


♦ Unlimited daily clockings including business leave and smoke breaks
♦ Web clocking agile working facility. Employees can clock from any networked PC, browser or smart phone at home or in the field
♦ Multiple terminal and remote site systems overLANand global networks
♦ Comprehensive Timenet software 
♦ Fixed, flexitime, rotating or continental shifts with working time regulations
♦ Extensive reporting with additional user writable report facilities
♦ Scheduled auto emailing of reports
♦ Payroll software, spreadsheet and database integration (Sage Payroll, SQL etc)

♦ Integrated access control terminals with reporting of all door events
♦ Access zoning controlling door security, time and method of entry
♦ Door exit and door open switch inputs
♦ Automatic Fire Alarm Roll Call printing
♦ Absence planning and holiday/sickness entitlement tables
♦ Full editing facility of clockings, hours and absence reasons
♦ Customer definable absence reasons and free text comments
♦ Annual planner for absence bookings and shift rotations 
♦ Report lateness, absence, overtime and coretime infringements in one report
♦ Book holidays via the clocking terminal or software browser
♦ Visitor registration and monitoring
♦ Real-time “ADP” attendance display panel showing employee attendance on PC screen
♦ Sound works signals and bells for shift times, breaks and lunches
♦ Build your own integrated HR database
♦ Capture employee photographs for full colour ID badge production
♦ Network client software with multi-level password protection and audit trails
♦ Terminal time updated via internal or external NTP source
♦ Optional display of employee hours and flextime balance at the terminal
♦ CCTV photo capture at moment of clocking 
♦ Departmental cost centre analysis
♦ Employee self reporting software
♦ Auto data backup utility
♦ Batterybacked operation

Sample Fire Printout

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♦ Colour Black
♦ Print speed up to 230mm per second
♦ Front paper exit
♦ 80mm paper roll diameter (2 rolls included)
♦ RS232 connection to Timenet terminal
♦ Dimensions 147 (w) x 205 (d) x 151 (h) mm
♦ Weight approx 1.6kg
♦ Paper near end sensor
♦ Internal power supply with mains plug


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