Access Control Systems – PLAN

An Introduction to PLAN Access Control Systems

The PLAN range of access control equipment is a UK manufactured security management solution aimed at the corporate needs of general commercial organisations, healthcare, police/government, educational and financial institutions. Flexibility in the system design means that the product can be cost effectively deployed in small applications, with just a few readers and staff, as well as, meeting the large-scale needs of an entire organisation across multiple sites with thousands of readers and tens of thousands of staff.

With capabilities that extend beyond ‘access control’ the system features a host of value added capabilities (such as Photo-ID Badge Production, Visitor Management, Time and Attendance reporting, Mobile Mustering, Guard-tour, Lone Worker Monitoring and Asset Tracking/Loss prevention). The system offers award winning seamless integration with and between other security sub-systems such as Logical Access (PC Security), CCTV (including digital video recording), Intruder Alarms, paging and Intercom systems. Additionally thePLANsoftware and hardware can be linked to non-security systems such as the Fire Alarm,BMS, Third party Time & Attendance, Cashless Catering, Active Directory and Human Resource staff management applications.



In today’s demanding and competitive security systems marketplace, thePLANproduct range takes its place as a high-end product suited to the ‘large scale’ enterprise-wide needs of leading companies across all commercial sectors.
Due to its integrity and resilience, the system has been implemented in a wide range of applications and is appropriate for any application where an organisation has one or a number of mission critical facilities to secure.
♦ Integrated Photo-ID Badging
♦ Real-time event and alarm monitoring
♦ Multi-user networked administration
♦ Virtual Control Room CCTV integration
♦ Graphical alarm display
♦ Third-party intruder Alarm integration
♦ Touch-screen control
♦ Real-time Guard-tour processing
♦ VisiPLAN visitor registration and badging
♦ Asset tagging and surveillance facility
♦ Multi-site/Multi-tenant administration
♦ Personnel tracking facility
♦ HR personnel record/database linking
♦ Roll Call listing (inc. Automatic printing)
♦ Remote locking control
♦ Anti-passback (local ‘True’ and ‘Global’)
♦ Auditable password protection for software features
♦ Card issue (activation) and expiry dates
♦ Holidayprofiles (4 per card holder)
♦ Extensive transaction analysis
♦ Detailed reports and listing options
♦ 1, 2 or 4 door/reader distributed intelligence control panels
♦ Support for multiple reader technologies
♦ Embedded directTCP/IP panel communications
♦ Remote site panel communications via Internet
♦ Redundant path communications option
♦ 4,096 door control *
♦ 16,000 supervised alarm inputs *
♦ Unique disability Act/VIPfeatures
♦ PINand Passback immunity forVIP’s
♦ Extended lock delay for selected staff
♦ Barriers & Turnstiles
♦ 50,000 Card Holders *
* Expandable


Features in Focus

(Click on the below links to view PDF’s)
PLAN System – Battery-powered wireless E-Cylinder/Lockset
Aperio on-line battery-powered wireless e-cylinder/lockset
PLAN System – Asset Protection Overview
Long Range RFID loss prevention/tagging system
with real-time owner to asset matching
PLAN System – CCTV / Digital Recorder Integration
Overview of Digital Recorder, Matrix and general CCTV Integration options
‘In-Car’ Elevator Control Interface
Modular 16-stop elevator control interface for up to 64 controlled stops
PLAN System – Email Authorisation Feature
Overview of the email notification and authorisation software option
Guard Tour Patrol Management and Monitoring
An alternative solution to ‘conventional’ guard tour monitoring systems
that enhances security as well as providing greater protection for guards
PLAN System – Lone Worker Monitoring Facilities
Card reader based protection for lone-workers with integrated mobile
phone verification 
PLAN Field Messaging Reader Module
Intelligent LCD messaging and remote control device
PLAN System – Mobile Muster Station
Tablet PC based rollcall mustering system with built-in card readers
XP200 2-Door (2 Reader) Controller
xPLAN 400 4-Door Access Control Unit with Extended
Alarm Monitoring
PLAN System – Virtual Control Room Software
Graphical alarm display and integrated software
PLAN System – Visitor Registration Software
Touch screen visitor self registration with web based host
pre-registration and integrated telephone based voice notification
XP1m 1-Door (Read IN/OUT) Controller
PLAN Reporting Options
Summary of standard xPLAN software reporting options


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 System Schematic 

Reporting & Analysis

The Plan software features a range of reporting tools which are designed
to aid the administration and management of the system. The back end SQL database opens opportunities for extracting and manipulating the data in external applications, databases and reporting tools.
The following reports are included in the Plan software. Reports can be viewed, printed, exported to PDF,CSVor emailed. Reports can also contain miscellaneous data fields customised to the clients requirements in the database.
History Analysis – All events by date/time, where, who and what event
♦ Cardholders Report
♦ Detailed Cardholders Report
♦ Time Profiles Report
♦ Doors Report
♦ Door Groups Report
♦ Access Levels Report
♦ Alarm Points Report
♦ Roll Call Report – Cardholders present and last event
♦ Access Rights Report – Cardholder access to selected doors and groups
♦ Soon to Expire Report
♦ Infrequently Used Report
♦ Head Count – Number of cardholders present in selected areas
♦ Entry/Exit Activity Report
♦ First and Last Swipe Report
♦ Guard Tour Report 


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    - Over 40 years of experience, established 1971.

    - UK manufactured and supported core products

    - Commitment to product quality and service quality

    - High development rate, low hardware redundancy

    - Long term staff retention

    - Human answering of all enquires.

    - HID Advantage Channel Partner

    - Excellent hardware and software support

    - Nationwide coverage